Поляризационный светделитель кубов

Surely many do not even have a clue of what a cube beam splitter consists of. In fact, everything is quite simple. This equipment consists of just a pair of rectangular prisms, which in turn are glued together. With all this, there is one very interesting feature, on one of the prisms it is covered with a special dielectric type coating. The moment natural or circularly polarized light enters the cube in a vertical manner. In this case, the plate of the optical beam splitter plate divides the light into two beams.

How is the work process going?

It is worth noting that such affordable optics themselves are intended solely to separate unpolarized light into reflected S-polarized as well as p-polarized beams.

It is worth saying that at present, the acquisition of this type of cubes is quite acute in modern society. This is not to say that high-quality equipment of this type can be purchased in any store, but nevertheless, you still have the opportunity to buy goods on favorable terms here.

What is the reason for purchasing this product here?

It is worth saying that there are many reasons why you should buy optical filters USA here:

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Buy only a proven and reliable product, you should not buy cubes in unverified stores, even at a more attractive price.

Информация — 16. 04. 2021

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