Trenchless repair: advantages Trenchless repair is an alternative to the old method of replacing the sewage system and at the same time the best one today. The effectiveness of this method has already been proven more than once in practice. But the main advantage of trenchless repair is that there is no need to open the ground. Such a sewer line repair Denver preserves the city’s infrastructure and does not spoils the landscape.

The main differences

If we talk about an open way to replace the sewer system in the case of a trenchless pipe bursting Denver, then it has many disadvantages. First, the road surface is damaged, as well as sidewalks and lawns, which leads to negative consequences. Secondly, the residents of the micro district experience a lot of inconvenience, as the movement of urban transport changes. And thirdly, the heavy construction equipment used in the work not only affects the environment, but also creates a lot of noise.

As for the trenchless method, it is absolutely opposite to the open repair option. All the disadvantages that are listed above are absent. There are only pluses:

  • profitability;
  • efficiency;
  • minimum time;
  • security.

When is the repair needed?

Frequent operation of sewer systems leads to its precarious state and unitability. There are also other factors that adversely affect the state of the sewage system. These include: natural pollution, which builds up mineral deposits, and drain and sewer cleaning. The presence of foreign objects that have entered the system and formed a jam. Rust formation and lack of quality repairs.

Trenchless refurbishment: the benefits

This method of repairing a trenchless sewage system has many advantages:

  1. In the process of work, do not use heavy equipment.
  2. High speed that does not affect the quality of work.
  3. The roadbed and other urban infrastructure remain intact.
  4. There is no need to change the schedule of public transport.
  5. Affordable prices unlike other installation methods.

The trenchless method of restoration is especially effective in those places where the open method of repair is unacceptable. More precisely, in areas where mass construction is being carried out, under bridges and railways, as well as near a busy road.

Thanks to its own rehabilitation technologies, the company performs work in the shortest possible time. And most importantly, it guarantees the quality and functionality of the system.

Информация — 27. 03. 2021

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